Living in South Florida, there are many different types of insects that like to invade your home and make living there hazardous to your health.

These pests include bedbugs, fleas, cockroaches and rats. Once these critters infest your home, it can be quite challenging for you to get rid of them.

Using a reputable licensed lawn pest control company to make your home pest free and keep it that way, will allow you to sleep easily at night.

We are highly trained and licensed/certified to know precisely the application rates that each square foot of your lawns, ornamentals, trees and palms require.

Apply more than necessary and the plant can be killed. Apply less and the problem is not solved.


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South Florida has a beautiful tropical environment. The weather is pristine year round providing the ideal climate for the exotic landscapes and its residents. This environment and climate does also create the ideal conditions for a large variety of insects and animals. It is wise for residents to adopt a maintenance program to prevent over population and infestations for homes and landscapes.

To achieve this goal, a proper maintenance plan is required for desired results. It is our belief that a good maintenance plan starts with proper care for the exterior perimeters of structures and with the lawns, ornamentals, trees, and landscape. This is the first step in any good preventative maintenance program. One of the best ways to invest in your home is to invest in a good licensed pest control company.

You want to keep your home pest free and it is going to take more than purchasing DIY pest control products to get rid of any pests.


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